Acoustic Treatments - Ceiling Banners
Acoustic Innovations Acoustical Banners are the ideal choice for dissipating high reaching sound reflections in commercial spaces such as restaurants, retail stores, gyms, and other large venues where ceilings are hard surfaced and in need of treatment. They are produced in sizes up to 42" in height and 15" in length and have grommets built in for easy hanging.
Are Ceiling Banners sold as a finished product?
Yes, banners are made of a soft-sided sailcloth material that is delivered as a complete fabric wrapped unit. They are available in 8 colors. Call our office for additional information.
How long does a Ceiling Banner take to produce?
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, pending fabric and material availability.
Where can I purchase Acoustic Innovations Ceiling Banners?
Learn how to purchase Ceiling Banners here.