Acoustic Treatments - BASS-T
BASS- T panels are a cousin to SoundWave Panels but lack any reflective or diffusive elements. Behind their ultra-modern shape, multiple engineered layers of materials are concealed allowing for broader saturation of lower frequencies into the mid-bass range. For this reason, many find it ideal for use when drastic bass management is necessary. Bass T Panels are more commonly known as bass traps.
Are BASS-T panels sold as a finished product?
Yes, BASS-T panels are made with CNC produced wood frames, acoustical substrates and are fabric wrapped. They can be custom built with exposed wood sides as an added design feature. Your local Acoustic Innovations Dealer will have a fabric binder that shows our acoustically transparent fabrics, sometimes called grill fabrics. If a specific pattern, color or material is in mind our in house design team can find the perfect solution for you. To find a local dealer near you call our offices or click here to be contacted.
Where can I purchase BASS-T?
Learn how to purchase BASS-T here.