Acoustic Treatments - Concerto Wall System
The Concerto Wall System from Acoustic Innovations is the ideal solution for designs that require a fully treated wall and / or ceiling. Concerto is built on-site, and employs a patented fabric retainer track, acoustical modules, and sound transparent fabrics to achieve control of the room acoustics.
How is this product different then regular acoustic panels?
Concerto is a complete wall to wall, on-site fabricated solution. All materials are shipped to the job site and custom fit to the space. This unique application eliminates the need for critical measurements as found in our other panel products.
Professional installation is included with Concerto Wall System pricing.
Concerto also provides the option of using diffusive treatments behind the fabric, which offers a better level of performance in the surround field then Harmony or Element panels.
What is behind the fabric?
Not everyone has the same requirement for performance or budget so we've made Concerto available in two levels of tuning:
  • Control: Our entry level solution using absorptive and reflective elements, ideal for basic control of typical acoustical nuances within the mid - higher frequencies. Control adds 1" of depth to the existing wall.
  • Performance: Utilizing the Control Level platform, this system incorporates the use of DigiDiffusors which offer increased surround field performance over the entry level system. Performance adds 1" of depth to the existing wall.
Does Concerto work with existing woodwork, or do I have to remove it??
Concerto is the ideal solution for rooms that already have existing millwork such as baseboards, chair rails, crown molding and columns.
Step 1
The track system neatly aligns along existing elements.
Step 2
Acoustic treatment is then strategically placed on the wall based on acoustical analysis, and covered in a sound transparent black cloth to create a uniform color underneath the grill fabric.
Step 3
Acoustically Transparent Fabric is then stretched over the open area and held in place with the patented fabric retainer track.
What if I want to add millwork?
Consider allowing Acoustic Innovations to provide the whole solution. See Concerto Theater Systems featuring genuine wood moldings and architectural columns handcrafted at our Boca Raton, FL factory. For your convenience we can complete the room with decorative sconce lighting, plush carpet and theater seating. A one stop solution.
Child & Future Proof- How So?
The unique track system allows for easy removal and replacement of the fabric if there is damage or design trends change.
How do I select what fabric to use?
Your local Acoustic Innovations Dealer will have a fabric binder that shows our acoustically transparent fabrics, sometimes called grill fabrics. If a specific pattern, color or material is in mind our in house design team can find the perfect solution for you. To find a local dealer near you call our offices or click here to be contacted. You may also provide the material in some cases subject to our evaluation. See using Customer Own Material (insert link here about COM - copy found under misc. text at the end of this doc.
Where can I purchase a Concerto Wall System?
Learn how to purchase Concerto Wall System here.
How long does a Concerto Wall System take to produce?
From 4 to 6 week lead-time is average. This allows our scheduling to accommodate lead-times. For most rooms our average installation will take 5 days. Unknown variables such as fabric availability may cause a delay. Alternatives are always presented with faster lead times as options to complete the job quickly.