Acoustic Treatments - SoundWave Panels
SoundWave panels provide a unique form of acoustical treatment in both form and function. Behind their ultra-modern shape, concealed acoustical materials afford panels that may look identical yet perform as either absorbers or diffusers.
Utilizing thickness up to 4" deep allows broader absorption of lower frequencies down below 250 Hz. For this reason, many find it ideal when bass management is necessary. Diffusion is accomplished through the use of randomizing surfaces behind the fabric.
What sizes are available for SoundWave panels?
Standard sizes are 2" x 4". They may also be available in custom sizes based on the acoustical requirement of the space taking into account the room shape, speaker type and placement.
Are SoundWave panels sold as a finished product?
Yes, SoundWave panels are made with CNC produced wood frames, acoustical substrates and are fabric wrapped. They can be custom built with exposed wood sides as an added design feature.
How do I select what fabric to use?
Your local Acoustic Innovations Dealer will have a fabric binder that shows our acoustically transparent fabrics, sometimes called grill fabrics. If a specific pattern, color or material is in mind our in house design team can find the perfect solution for you. To find a local dealer near you call our offices or click here to be contacted.
Where can I purchase SoundWave Panels?
Learn how to purchase SoundWave panels here.