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Survey shows Acoustic Innovations rated by AV Integrators as the top pick for acoustic treatments.
Acoustic Innovations 5 Seat Concerto Theater on display at the flagship Magnolia- Costa Mesa, CA Showroom with 5 more facilities on the way just like it.
Endearing story of how a family used an Acoustic Innovations Showcase Theater to comfort a sick family member during cancer treatment.
Acoustic Innovations "StarShip" theme theater takes home the CEDIA 2007 Themed Theater of the Year Award. Theater produced in collaboration with Fl based, Ask the Advisors (formerly Audio Advisors).
Magazine Articles
Boston Magazine
Article "Design Home"
September 2006 Issue
Featuring a Showcase - Woodmont Theater by Audio Video Design - Boston, MA. Chris Saad of AVD explains the benefits of acoustic treatments, both aesthetically and sonically.
Luxury CE Magazine
Article "Innovative Options"
September 2008 Issue
Interview with Michael Wohl of Media Design Associates- Boca Raton, FL. Michael discusses the challenges of working with high expectations and little time, and how A.I 3d renderings will change the way theaters get designed in the future.
Residential Systems
Article "Total Immersion"
September 2006 Issue
A closer look at a high end installation in Pittsburg, PA completed by Georgia based company "Tech Homes". Owner, Jeff Braddock comments on the complexity of the project and how the Acoustic Innovations Fiberoptic Ceiling and Decorative Acoustic Panels were incorporated into the design.