Design Services
Our talented design team at Acoustic Innovations has been creating the finest in home theater design, architectural and acoustic solutions for almost two decades. While many competitors have come and gone in that time, Acoustic Innovations thrives today because of our ability to communicate effectively with customers and AV Dealers and work through challenging projects as a team. Now, we'd like to tell you that every theater design process is the same, an easy "5 step process" but we tend to feel these statements are simply streamlined for marketing purposes. In truth, there are many steps but they vary in order based on the project. Every theater carries a unique developmental path.
What might a typical process look like?
Consultation: Our network of AV Dealers provide the initial consultation, as they not only understand Acoustic Innovations products, but dually the AV equipment requirements to make the room sound great. Together with your Dealer, a list of basic needs and wishes for the room are established and provided to our internal design team for qualification.
Preliminary Estimation: Once the requirements are submitted, our design and sales team collaborates to produce a preliminary design concept as well as early estimation of costs, long before any design fee is required. This allows both parties to safely and inexpensively decide if A.I is a right fit for the project.
Design Retainer: One the estimate is approved, up to 10% of the total cost of the theater will be required to start the Design Process. This establishes the commitment on both parties.
Design Process: Within 2 - 6 weeks (lead time varies by theater type), your dealer will present a complete design package that offers a full presentation complete with conceptual design, photorealistic renderings, color board and accurate pricing. You can literally see, touch and feel the finished room before it's ever constructed. In addition, you're able to make critical changes in advance, delivering you abundant savings in the long run.
Design Acceptance: A deposit of 50% initiates production.
Production Time: Considerate of your schedule, we make every attempt to assure that our production times are in keeping with your timeline. Depending upon the theater style, production times vary between 4 weeks to 10 weeks on average.
Project Management: While your theater interiors are being built, our project manager will guide your AV Dealer to ensure that locally fulfilled tasks by other trades (electricians, carpet installers, painters) are completed in time for the A.I install.
Final Balance: The remaining 50% of the invoice is due before shipping.
Shipping: Our theaters are carefully packed and shipped anywhere in the US in less then 5 days, delivered right to your home in palletized or crated forms.
Installation: Your AV Dealer may install Showcase, Seating, and Acoustic Panels into your home. For other products, Acoustic Innovations provides an experienced team of installers to ensure a perfect fit. Traditionally installs take 4-8 business days depending upon the design.
Closing Consultation: Your AV Dealer will meet with our installation team for a final inspection of the room. The project is then signed off with completion or a Punchlist is created of remaining items to be taken care of the following week.