How to Purchase our Products
Acoustic Innovations has authorized dealerships throughout the country that can better serve our clientele on a local and personalized level. For a referral to your local resource please contact us directly:
email: or call us local: (561) 995-0090 toll free: (800) 983-6233
Why does A.I work through an authorized dealer network?
Clients often ask, "Can I do this myself?" After all most homeowners that can afford a full theater are individuals that run successful businesses and give order to demanding households. We also know that they "get" complex acoustical theories and product applications, and sometimes don’t see the value in introducing an AV Integrator into the spectrum of their design team. In other cases, the audio visual system is already installed. So why does Acoustic Innovations prefer homeowners to work with dealers?
We know that our clients are capable, but we also know that they’re busy. Ample time available this week may not be available in two months. Acoustic Innovations works best when an accountable party is available to manage the local aspects throughout the process. For instance, a typical theater can take 2-6 weeks to design, and 8-12 weeks to produce during which time Acoustic Innovations requires immediate response on detailed information such as room measurements during different construction phases, which can become tedious for the home-owner to handle.
AV Integration
Equal to accountability, we must work closely with the Audio Video dealer to ensure that our design works well with the layout of the audio and video system, to ensure that the projector enclosure is located and built properly, and speakers are placed correctly while hidden behind columns or panels, among may other details. This area involves technical data that many homeowners are not completely comfortable with.
When Acoustic Innovations started out in this business in 1992, the concept of a home theater was not as widely known to the general public. Those desiring a complete home theater turned to the expertise of their local Audio Video dealer who presented us with their specific needs for acoustic treatments, millwork, sound- proofing and seating. Much of these elements had to be built custom to accommodate the uniqueness of each project. Through the years our product development and market- presence have been strengthened because of our friend, the Audio Video dealer.
Today, our competitors are selling to just about anyone that has a credit card and a mailing address without careful consideration of where their product is going, how it’s being integrated into the design, or how it's being installed, all of which are critical to the overall performance and sustainability of our products. Who we sell to is just as important as how we sell it. For this reason, we stand loyal to our Authorized Dealer Channel.