Theater Seating - Automation Upgrades
Heat and Massage
Often, your theater will be the only quiet room in a house full of frenzy. Find your escape with this relaxing feature available on any chair model. There’s just no better way to decompress from a long day's work then sitting in your favorite chair, massage in motion and glass of wine at hand.
Standard Features:
  • Independent heating control with low, high, and off settings
  • Two massage movements - wave and pulse
  • Choose from three body zones: upper back, lower back, or hip region or choose full range to combine all three into one movement
  • Individual Controls to adjust the intensity and speed to your precise comfort level
Power Recline
Many believe that power recline is a 'frill' that only serves to add cost to your chairs. Our experience shows this is not the case. Compare the following before purchasing manual recliners:
upgrades chart
Our motors are fully warranted against failure, giving you peace of mind for many years of trouble free service.
Power Lumbar
Luxury automobiles offer adjustable lumbar support, so why not theater seats? Each person has different requirements for support and comfort in a theater chair. Power lumbar allows precise adjustment of the lower cushion where lumbar support takes it major role. With a touch of a button, air is added or released to create the perfect amount of firmness.
Clark Synthesis Transducers
Since 1994, Clark Synthesis has been producing full-frequency audio transducers for a variety of uses, including professional simulation, large scale entertainment venues, government, and gaming. This same technology is available for all Acoustic Innovations Home Theater Seating Model's.
Read more about Clark Synthesis Transducers
D-BOX Actuators
Acoustic Innovations Seating now D-BOX Ready
Acoustic Innovations proudly announces a new alliance with D-BOX, the providers of innovative motion technology for the entertainment industry. D-BOX's motion technology will be offered on most Acoustic Innovations seating models and controls the chair movement in sync with the onscreen action through their patented D-BOX Motion Code™ technology which is embedded into each film by D-BOX Motion Designers. Read more about D-Box
What makes our seating compatible with D-BOX?
Typical theater seating is not engineered for this type of dynamic movement. Additional support is required to sustain the seat's form and sturdiness during usage. A.I chairs do not ship D-BOX ready, it must be requested at the time of order.
What does it mean to be a D-BOX Partner?
Our seating has passed a rigid durability test conducted by D-Box, where actuators were installed to our chairs and left on for 24 hours without structural failure.
D-BOX has several product models, do they all work with A.I chairs?
All of the D-BOX models are compatible with our seating.
Is there an additional cost to have the chairs D-BOX ready?
Yes. Additional parts and labor are required for compatibility. Please consult with your AV Dealer for more information.
Is D-BOX retro-fitable into A.I chairs already installed?
No. Since additional support is required to make a chair D-BOX friendly they must return to our factory for modification.
Clark Synthesis Transducers
How Clark Synthesis Technology Works: Low frequency patterns are transferred to the transducer through your AV Processor's LSE output. The transducer is attached to the chair frame, and replicates movement in timing with the low frequencies in the sound track, creating an effect referred to as tactile sound. This sound transmits to the viewer in both physical and audible form, which increases the viewer's sensation of being actively involved in the movie being watched. This tactile effect, paired with the experience of listening to high-quality, surround-sound speakers and viewing crystal-clear monitors or screens, takes the movie viewing experience to the next level.
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