Theater Seating - Materials
Acoustic Innovations offers hundreds of tasteful and elegant fabrics and leathers for your home theater chairs. Just like interior design centers we have an incredible library of finishes from prestigious brands in the industry.
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LuxeSuede Fabric
Windsor Velvet Fabric
SenSuede Fabric
Western Leather
Classico Leather
Premiere Leather
Luxtan Leather
Samba Leather
All of our chair models are available in any material, allowing for infinite combinations.
About Fabrics
Unlimited Fabrics and Upholstery coverings are available that offer an affordable solution while enhancing the decor of the room through the multitude of hues and patterns available.
$ Fabrics are often the least expensive option. Priced as Grade One.
About Velvets
Our signature velvets and are renowned for their opacity, brilliance of colors, and fabulous sound absorption properties.
$$ Velvets are affordably priced for the quality they carry, a step above our fabric offering, and priced as Grade Two.
About SenSuede
Not to be confused with less expensive micro-fibers, Sensuede is non-woven synthetic suede that is the choice of interior design professionals due to its overall quality, rainbow of over 100 colors, supple touch and exceptional wearability. Click here to learn why SenSuede is our most durable fabric.
$$$ Sensuede is priced as Grade Three.
About Leathers
With five unique collections of leathers to choose from, there's a match for every design or budget. Our leathers range from value priced Capri to a full grain in it's most natural and unique form. Their Aniline finish cleans up with soap and water yet offers durable protection against stains and spills.
$$$$ Leathers are generally our most expensive option, but with the current economic conditions, many of our leatheries have come down in pricing so we are able to offer the best quality for the price.
The Wyzenbeen Rating
Did you know most fabrics, velvets and synthetic suede's are tested for durability using a standard known as the Wyzenbeen Rating? Commonly know as the abrasion resistance, the material is rubbed many times to the point of wear. Sensuede exceeds 200,000 rubs making it our most durable fabric available.