Sound Isolation - IsoBlocs, IsoFlor
Iso-Blocs™ are designed to create a more lively listening experience when watching a movie, so that the listener feels the "thumps" and "boom's" in perfect timing with what is shown on screen. When these effects are delivered with even the slightest delay it is perceived by the human ear as being out of sync, a phenomenon often blamed on poor acoustics within the room or even the audio processor or speaker system. These delays are caused by reflected sound waves that accumulate within the platform cavity, pressure that quickly turns into annoying vibration and rattle which are technically know as resonance.
Iso-Blocs™ reduce the effects of resonance by decoupling the platform from the ground floor and adjoining walls. These affordable rubber channels cradle the wood framing, lifting the structure up just one quarter inch providing an escape for built up sound pressures. In addition, Iso-Blocs dense composition acts as an impacting absorber which removes the likelihood of experiencing anything beyond what the Director intended within a movie sound track.
Sold in boxes of 50
Iso-Flor™ is a sound barrier material created specifically for use under laminate, engineered hardwood flooring or carpeting to reduce the amount of low frequency sounds that travel through the theater floor to the rest of the home. Not just a sound blocker, this material also removes unwanted "creaking" sounds within the floor, by providing a flexible impact shield underneath, a benefit that's dually beneficial for bass reinforcement.
Eco Friendly
Iso-Flor™ is produced from post recycled automotive products, reclaimed from the landfills providing a second life to the material.
Professional Grade
Don't mistake this product for "do it yourself" solutions. Iso-Flor is a professional grade product, impeding much lower frequencies then those available to the public through the internet or builders warehouses.
What are the product dimensions of Iso-Flor™?
Available in rolls of 4' x 25' at 6mm / ΒΌ" thickness.
How is Iso-Flor™ installed?
The techniques of installation are determined by the type of flooring in the space. To learn more, choose your scenario below:
I plan on using carpeting in the theater: Iso-Flor™ should be placed...
I plan on using hard surfaced flooring in the theater: Iso-Flor™ should be place...
Where can I purchase Iso-Flor and Iso-Blocs?
Learn how to purchase Iso-Flor and Iso-Blocs here.
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