Architectural - Classic
The Classic Theater incorporates traditional elements with playful details to create an exceptional blend of sophistication that will appeal to both adults and children. The crown detail, baseboards, chair rail, and pillars are all produced from genuine wood materials making the Classic the entry level "wood-element" theater style within the Architectural Series. Kids will love the embossed ornaments that decorate the lower paneling, a neat detail at their eye level. The acrylic semi-circles rimming the pillars give the design an Americana 1950's sensation, bringing it all together under one eclectic design!
Classic Standard Design Features:
Element Detail
Baseboards 4" Genuine Wood
Chair Rail 2" Genuine Wood
Crown Molding 4" Genuine Wood
Columns Contemporary Pillars - Genuine Wood
Acoustic Paneling Upper and Lower Paneling - Custom Fit
Carpet Wide Variety
Decorative Sconce Classic Sconce Suggested
Soffit System Not Standard but optional
Proscenium "Classic Proscenium" decorative molding, hinged speaker access panels and integrated lights
Curtain Motorized, Pinch Pleat with Fringe
Sconce Location On panels
Suggested Speaker Location Behind panels or Wall Mount (exposed)
Popular upgrades Classic:
  • Acoustical Ceiling Panels- Custom Fit
  • Acoustic Innovations Cinema Chairs
  • Porthole Door Appliqué's
  • AV Cabinets to house AV Gear
  • Fiberoptic Ceiling
  • Projector Shelf or Aperture Glass for Opening
  • Sound Transparent Speaker Cowl to hide front speakers
  • Sound Isolation