Architectural - Lifestyle
One of our all time favorites, the Lifestyle theater offers a minimalist perspective on theater design; one that does not rely on traditional theater elements to make a bold statement. To begin, Cherry Wood paneling is used as an accent piece instead of traditional crown molding. Then, the subtle seam lines of the paneling are creating by using numerous panels placed atop one another in a horizontal array, with vertical panels used between as a diversion. Picture Frames with a wide variety of prints can be placed within the paneling, or omitted for a simpler design. The front wall is typically treated with black paneling or a baffle wall. In some cases, a proscenium can be added.
Lifestyle is an excellent choice for rooms that are small or have limited height, because there are no columns to take up isle space and the panels can be sized down to fit in scale with the room giving the appearance the room is larger than it is.
Lifestyle Standard Design Features:
Element Detail
Baseboards 4" Fabric Wrapped
Crown Molding 10" Cherry Wood panel with 1-1/2" Cherry Finish Trim
Columns Not Standard but optional
Acoustic Paneling Multi-Paneled Horizontal Seams
Carpet Wide Variety
Decorative Sconce Not Standard but optional
Soffit System Not Standard but optional
Proscenium Not Standard but optional
Picture Frames Endless print choices
Sconce Location On vertical panels
Suggested Speaker Location Behind vertical panels or Wall Mount ( exposed)
Popular upgrades Lifestyle:
  • Grand Proscenium (front wall - layered element)
  • Acoustical Ceiling Panels- Custom Fit
  • Wood Baseboards
  • Sconce Lighting
  • Acoustic Innovations Cinema Chairs
  • Theatrical Curtains - Fixed or Motorized
  • Porthole Door Appliqué's
  • AV Cabinets to house AV Gear
  • Fiberoptic Ceiling
  • Projector Shelf or Aperture Glass for Opening
  • Sound Transparent Speaker Cowl to hide front speakers
  • Sound Isolation