Architectural - Majestic
Walking into a Majestic Theater, your mind may wander towards the bygone era of Hollywood Cinema. From the arched soffit's that dangle pendant chandeliers, to the fringed valances that billow from behind-this theater style carries a nostalgic grandeur that will surely delight. Underneath the archways, pillars are used to create depth and are supported by plinth bases that run the length of the room. Vintage fabric prints and golden trim work sets the tone with multiple layers of moldings used for the base, crown and panel framing. Truly, one of our most stunning designs!
The Majestic requires a medium to large sized room due to the soffit system, plinth base structure, and pillar design. Call the factory for exact details.
Majestic Standard Design Features:
Element Detail
Baseboards Plinth base structure with 5" wood baseboard
Crown Molding 6" Genuine Wood
Columns Tuscan Styled - Pillar Structure
Acoustic Paneling Paneled Acoustic Treatments with custom paneling surround them
Carpet Wide Variety
Decorative Sconce Pendant Chandeliers
Soffit System Arched Soffit System
Proscenium "Majestic Proscenium" Proscenium Trim, Hinged speaker access panels, integrated lights
Curtain Motorized, Pinch Pleat
Sconce Location Centered between archways
Suggested Speaker Location Behind Panels
Popular upgrades Majestic:
  • Coffered Ceiling
  • Acoustical Ceiling Panels- Custom Fit
  • Acoustic Innovations Cinema Chairs
  • Porthole Door Appliqué's
  • Fiberoptic Ceiling
  • Projector Shelf or Aperture Glass for Opening
  • Sound Transparent Speaker Cowl to hide front speakers
  • Sound Isolation
  • Buddy Bars and Bar Stools
  • Lobby
  • Ticket booths
  • Marquee for Entrance