Showcase - Metropolitan
Metropolitan - The Metropolitan offers similar elements to that of the Classic or Empire but with a more subtle tone. The capitol return, column and base are all monochromatic to create an understated elegance within the design.
Metropolitan Standard Design Features:
Element Detail
Baseboards Wood
Columns Roman - Simple Trim
Acoustic Paneling Decorative Wood Trim Overlay
Lighting Metropolitan Sconce
Soffit System 11" x 11" Fabric Wrapped
Sconce Location On Panel
Down Lights Not Standard
Suggested Speaker Location Behind panels or exposed - wall mount
Popular upgrades for Metropolitan:
  • Woodmont Proscenium (front wall - layered element)
  • Acoustic Innovations Cinema Chairs
  • Plush Carpeting
  • Theatrical Curtains - Fixed or Motorized
  • Porthole Door Appliqué's
  • AV Cabinets to house AV Gear
  • Prosceniums and Shadow Box Screen Walls
  • Fiberoptic Ceilings
  • Metropolitan Ceiling Panels with optional down lights
  • Projector Shelf within Soffit
  • Sound Transparent Speaker Cowl to hide front speakers