Architectural - Oakpark
Give this a shot for the Oak Brook: A pinnacle design in the series, the Oakpark features exquisite Cherry woodwork, Etched Glass Sconce Lighting, custom fit acoustic paneling and deluxe fabrics and finishes. The baseboard profile is 8" in height, accented by 4" crown of the same finish. Also, your choice of wood and stain allows this theater design to blend with your home's current millwork. The Oakpark's unique design stems from a movement called the Arts and Crafts period of the early 20th Century, which was later incorporated into Frank Lloyd Wright's styling, an esteemed Architect who strived for Utilitarian functionality with the spaces he designed. The results of his work (Craftsman and Mission Styles) are prevalent throughout California, the northwest and Illinois areas he resided in during his lifetime.
Oakpark Standard Design Features:
Element Detail
Baseboards 8" Genuine Wood
Chair Rail Not standard but available
Crown Molding 4" Genuine Wood
Columns Wood with fabric inserts
Acoustic Paneling Upper and Lower Paneling - Custom Fit
Carpet Wide Variety
Decorative Sconce Oakpark Sconce Suggested
Soffit System Not Standard but optional
Proscenium "Oakpark Proscenium" wood molding, hinged speaker access panels and integrated lights
Curtain Motorized, Pinch Pleat
Sconce Location On columns
Suggested Speaker Location Within Columns or Behind Panels
Popular upgrades Oakpark:
  • Coffered Ceiling
  • Layered soffit system with wood trim
  • Acoustical Ceiling Panels- Custom Fit
  • Acoustic Innovations Cinema Chairs
  • Porthole Door Appliqué's
  • AV Cabinets to house AV Gear
  • Fiberoptic Ceiling
  • Projector Shelf or Aperture Glass for Opening
  • Sound Transparent Speaker Cowl to hide front speakers
  • Buddy Bars and Bar Stools
  • Sound Isolation