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World Class Home Theaters

Choose from a range of unique styles to create your very own home theater experience

We look forward to making your home theater ideas a reality. Our staff has created thousands of personal theaters throughout the world and has developed processes to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Choose your style, then either customize one of our curated pre-designed showcase theaters or have us create a unique design from scratch for your home on whatever your budget you may have.

Whether you choose us to lead the design team or work alongside your own AV dealer, contractor, architect, interior designer, general contractor or other subcontractors, we treat our relationships as if we were designing and building the theater for ourselves. This commitment to detail throughout the entire process insures your theater is exactly what you've envisioned

Our Process

Our Process begins with a design and then works with you to determine budget and scope. Every element is designed and manufactured in house by our experienced team of craftsman. Choose either one our curated, modular theater designs or have us start from a blank page to create the perfect theater for you. Our curated theaters utilizes pre-sized decorative acoustic paneling that's ready to hang onto a pre-painted wall surface and offers savings in both material costs and installation time making it a great option for budget minded projects that require quick turnaround.

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We have developed products and processes to accommodate the needs of new lifestyle trends and architectural styles.
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Our Process
See how an idea turns into a theater in a few easy steps.
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