One of the most common questions when designing a home theater, is how to finish the ceiling. Fiberoptic Ceiling's by Acoustic Innovations are the optimal solution within any setting, as they address three major requirements:
1. Aesthetics
The ceiling design should carry influences of the theaters décor or theme but also provide character and depth. Fiberoptic Ceilings create an immersive and Celestial enhancement that adds excitement and uniqueness to your space. Whether placed within a detailed tray ceiling with effect lighting, used behind coffered panels, or simply custom sized to a ceiling's dimensions, Fiberoptic Ceilings provide the final touch to your Personal Theater.
2. Acoustical
While some solutions on the market are simply hard surfaced materials with Fiberoptic threads, Acoustic Innovation's Fiberoptic Ceilings are produced from 1" depth acoustically absorptive panels. Many ask, why is this needed if there are panels on the wall? The front section of your drywall ceiling is an acoustically reflective space where sound waves from your front speakers reach and reflect to the listening area. Just like absorptive panels on the walls, ceilings require treatment as well to reduce this effect.
3. Reduce Cross Reflection
Ceilings that are a dark color enhance the perceived contrast on the projection screen by up to 25%, because when a projectors light path array reflects onto a white space it illuminates the room causing cross reflections that interfere with the viewers visual experience. Don't care for black? Fiberoptic Ceilings are available in deep blue, gray and any other dark hue desired along with customizations like faux finishes for painted sky's.
The LED Benefit
With recent technological advancements in LED illumination, there is no better light source for Fiberoptic ceilings.
  • LED illuminators come standard at Acoustic Innovations, chosen for their efficiency and brightness. While regular illuminators may last 2800 hours, LED goes on for 50,000 hours - that's nearly 25,000 movies!
  • Through the precise color temperature control, we can also produce both warm and cool light creating a bright white and sharper blue star field more natural to what is visible in the sky.
  • Previous illuminators were loud, hot, and required ventilation - resulting in placement outside of the theater. LED produces almost no heat which allows a quieter fan and almost no ventilation needs, allowing for convenient in- room installation above an equipment rack or closet.
Twinkling Stars
As a standard feature, the illuminator is capable of creating a "twinkling" Celestial star field that adds interest and realism to the ceiling.
Shooting Stars
Add movement and liveliness to your ceiling with one or multiple shooting star patterns.
Whether it's the night sky on the evening of your wedding, or a specific constellation, a specific orientation can be created within the Fiberoptic ceiling to remind you of that special day.