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Customize Your Chairs

Seating Accessoires

Another layer of customization within the Acoustic Innovations seating line is the ability to choose the trim finish for parts such as cup holder and exposed wood feet at no additional charge. Other advancements such as the shark arm and tray tables allow for additional convenience and comfort during your movie watching experience.
Cupholder Finishes
Your choice of cupholder finish comes standard with every exposed cupholder model. Choose from Antique Bronze, Silver, Black, LED, or no cupholder at all.
Tray Tables
No need to eat from a plate in your lap with these tray tables. Made from solid wood and available in custom colors. Require a universal grommet for use.
Feet Finishes
Your choice of feet finish comes standard with every exposed foot model. Choose from Black, Silver, Wood or Bronze. Available for certain chair styles.*
Available in any chair model, the chaise lounge can be created in multiple widths of 24", 30" and 36".
Removable Arm
For those indecisive about ordering loveseats, the Shark Arm is an assuring innovation. Lightweight and easy to store, this arm is perfect for entertaining friends.
Wedge Arms
Available in two sizes, wedge arms are wider in the back and shorter in the front creating a curvature within a row of seating. This allows the viewers towards the end of the rows a better viewing angle of the screen that can be particularly helpful in shallow rooms.
Custom Consoles
A useful addition to any configuration, a console offers a flat tabletop space to place your beverage while providing storage for your touch screen and other electronic gadgets. Available in standard widths of 13" and 18" and custom sizes up to 30".