Theater Design





We have developed products and processes to accommodate the needs of new lifestyle trends and architectural styles. Our five families of theater solutions: Elements, Concerto, Showcase, Custom and Unique; offer different levels of finish and decor to meet any budget.
Concerto Showcase Architectural Unique
I have a conceptual design but I'm not sure how to build it Yes Yes
I am budget minded Yes Yes Yes
I want to look at pre-designed packages Yes Yes
I want to have it completed quickly Yes Yes
I already have millwork in the room such as baseboards, crown and columns Yes Yes
I want me designer to provide the fabrics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personal Theaters are the most complex room in your home. By now you've seen beautiful pictures in magazines and on the Internet. You may have a concept for the room or at the very least know what you don't like. With so many trades involved in a typical theater space, it's hard to understand what accountabilities fall under each subcontractor. Acousticians, AV Integrators, Interior Designers, Architects, General Contractors, Electricians, Mill workers and Painters all play into the collaborative effort to fulfill your ultimate vision.
That's what makes Acoustic Innovations so unique. Every element seen in our theater packages is designed and manufactured in house by our experienced team of craftsman. We employ architectural draftsman, interior designers, project managers and a support team to help shape your vision. Our cabinetry, finish and acoustic panel departments then fabricate all the elements under one roof to insure exceptional fit and finish of your theater.