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Concerto Theaters

Simple, Elegant, Acoustically Tunable

The Concerto Theater System from Acoustic Innovations - also known as track or stretch wall - is a site fabricated system that offers a clean look for your theater room. Concerto employs a patented fabric retainer track, acoustical modules, sound transparent fabrics and room tuning to achieve control of the acoustics of your room acoustics. Suitable for general family living spaces as the acoustic control blends into the surroundings. Or, at your direction we can supply architectural columns and solid wood moldings to bring a more inspired setting. If you already have existing millwork, Concerto works perfectly by tracking up to any casing or AV equipment for the same finished look.

Concerto Theaters are future and child proof! The unique track system allows for easy removal and replacement of the panel fabric so the color scheme is easily changed out with the coming trends. In addition, just in case one decides to draw on the wall be it children or a group of wild friends, damaged fabric is easily replaceable.

TWO levels of room tuning

Control: Our entry level solution using absorptive and reflective elements, ideal for basic control of typical acoustical nuances within the mid - higher frequencies. Control adds 1" of depth to the existing wall.

Performance: Utilizing the Control Level platform, this system incorporates the use of DigiDiffusors which offer increased surround field performance over the entry level system. Performance adds 1" of depth to the existing wall.