Theaters - Showcase and Showcase EX
The Showcase Collection offers an exceptional value for anyone desiring the appearance of a fully - custom theater, without the price tag. Showcase employs the same finely crafted elements as that of the Architectural Series such as decorative columns, soffits, baseboards, sconce lighting, and carpeting but takes a different approach with the acoustic treatments. Instead of complete coverage between column structures, Showcase utilizes pre-sized decorative acoustic paneling that's ready to hang onto a pre-painted wall surface. This difference accounts for savings in both material costs and installation time making a truly value-engineered product.
Showcase Theaters range in price, depending upon the finish of moldings and panels (fabric wrapped or wood) and what column structures are used (fabric wrapped, wood element, style, etc). All feature standard elements with options to upgrade and mix and match within the entire collection to create a theater that is uniquely yours.
Standard Features:
  • Design Package: Integrated Design plans, construction drawings, computer photorealistic rendering, color board, and an engineered proposal
  • Acoustical Treatment - Standard Sized Paneling with decorative frames or overlays
  • Baseboard Molding
  • Architectural Columns
  • Soffit System (can be layered underneath existing drywall soffit)
  • Capitol Returns with Decorative Ornaments
  • Designer- Grade Sconce Lighting
  • Down Lights (not standard in theaters with Roman type columns)
Optional Features: